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There is nothing better than life as a landscape photographer. When I walk through the fields before dawn, for a brief moment, it feels like I am the only person in this world and I savour the tranquillity. Far away from the daily grind. Time and again nature amazes me with its beauty. It provides me with moments of stillness – pure sensation and a connection with nature – elements that play an important part in our wellbeing.

Bart Heirweg

As nature and landscape photographer I want a lot. So I do a lot. Not only do I want every picture to reflect the feeling of the moment. But it should also evoke respect for nature and photography. I want to pass on my passion for nature and photography in different ways. By means of articles, books, workshops and photography trips and fine-art prints, I hope to inspire other, likeminded people. In the group of entrepreneurs who make up Starling Reizen I found allies to help stimulate respect and attention for nature in our society.

My eyes are my most valuable possession. I consider myself lucky that I always have them with me to cherish those beautiful moments.

Bart Heirweg
Photographer Bart Heirweg
Photographer Bart Heirweg on the beach

My photographs have been published in national and international photography magazines and have received many awards. They are commissioned by public and private companies, tourist boards, advertising agencies but also by interior designers and private individuals. This way I bring the beauty of nature into their living or working space.

Landscape photography has become a way of life. It starts with my love and knowledge of nature, which I gladly share with photographers who not only pursue technical perfection in an image, but who also look with the same respect at nature whilst practising photography. I learned most from my own mistakes. And I would also like to offer that opportunity to other photographers.

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I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful — an endless prospect of magic and wonder.

Ansel Adams